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The use of our product in-built in a cloth has been scientifically tested. These tests revealed an ability to improve the equilibrium and to soothe suffers such as the arthrosis, rheumatisms…


Informations in this article are offered only as reference. Their goal is to stimulate interest of health professionals and interest of public at large. There are no implications in this article that far infrared technology must be used in order to healing any disease.

An energy source: sunrays

The sun emits ray of light in the form of photon. In the body, these photons accelerate the production of sugar, fatty tissues and protein. They stimulate the activity of liver, metabolism and enzymatic reactions but also brain activity.
When our body doesn’t receive these photons from the sun, it reacts. Enzymes don’t do their job and the reaction of cell reborn is slowed down. In consequences, the sugar (saccharose) isn’t change into carbohydrate, fat isn’t burned and noxious toxins aren’t destroyed.

John Nash Ott, photobiologist, is one of the first to study the light effects on the body. He shows that the lack of sunlight exposure could result in tiredness, infect of skin, the decrease of immune functions, the loss of hair, falling into depression and others diseases.

Dayly, sunrays are disrupted by many obstacles. The Clinic Pathology Department of Health in USA, showed for example that windows, glasses, air pollution and solar lotions filter rays and only a little part penetrate into the body, consequently decrease muscle tone.

For example, the researcher John Zimmerman, showed that the most of office even without shutter and with switch light on, the lightly is 500 lux, that is 1% of sunlight which have a lightly of 50 000 lux.

According to Albert Szent-Gyogi, Nobel Price, who discovered C vitamin, the lack of light can deteriorate vital biologic functions. Like exercise, exposure of the light produces some effects on the body metabolism.
For example, after sunbathe, the rate of lactic acid, substance which provokes muscle soreness, decrease a lot.

At last, the sunlight stimulates thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a vital organ which has a main function in the cell growth and differentiation and in stabilisation of weigh.

The spectrum of wavelength is recovered by the emitted energy of the sun. It goes from infrared to gamma-rays by visible, ultraviolet, and X-rays. The visible region is in fact a small part of all the spectrum, the main part is infrared. This part of spectrum isn’t visible, but it causes an increasing of molecule activity, in other words in the form of heat.

Bioceramic membrane

This membrane recreates the far infrared effect on the person and affords its benefits.
The far infrared radiation wavelength is the one which govern all growth and development of life in nature.
It corresponds to the one emit mainly by the human body (see the opposite scheme).

Far infrared

Infrared radiations are the subject of new research in a new field. Indeed, a lot of Japan and Chinese researchers and clinicians join their knowledge and show benefits of these new therapies which use this kind of source of energy.

There are three parts in infrared rays: near infrared (2.14*1014-4.29*1014 Hz), through infrared (1.0*1014-2.14*1014 Hz) and far infrared (3*1011-1.0*1014 Hz). Far infrared are the most benefit for the body. Moreover, with the same wavelength than sunrise, it contributes to the life development.

This source of energy can help your body to eliminate toxins which are stuck in it.
The far infrared energy increases the body heat and thus breaks up big clustering of water molecule into smaller grouping.
Thus, stuck toxins are released.

Contrary to wavelength of visible region, only reflected by the skin, far infrared penetrate inside the body and begin to vibrate.

Little by little, more and more molecules begin to vibrate and create heat. The energy traffic is becoming optimum for the balanced life of our cell and consequently makes naturally easier all process of regeneration.

An ancient Chinese tradition 3000 years old, use this property to relieve eye tiredness by laying on of hands. Body emits infrared which penetrate in the patient body. As this one was demonstrated before, infrared create the warming of muscle and internal organ. The volume of the heart increases slowly and increases blood flow. In 80s NASA showed infrared is a solution to keep form of astronaut when they go in space.

Infrared power

Increase the blood flow by the expansion of blood vessel;
Decrease muscle soreness by the warming of the muscle cells;
Eliminate toxins;
Make easier the lymph flow and reduce the risk of oedema an inflammation;
Reduce the pain for nerve ending;
Make easier the passage of water molecule across the cell membrane;
Help Calcium to be attached to cell membrane.


Body stocks a lot of toxins which don’t eliminate naturally, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead, mercury, or chlorine.
When these molecules meet water molecules, they tie with toxins and create big molecules which are difficult to carry. They are in the way of blood and cell energy is weakened.

Infrared can penetrate tissues until a depth of 4.8 cm. Some tests showed when infrared radiation is the same than our body; this one can absorb until 93% of infrared radiation across the skin.
Infrared power is to untie these big molecules to relieve toxins. Indeed, Dr Toskiko Yamazaki explains in his books “The Science of Far Infrared Therapies” that the good results for many diseases are their ability to free toxins from water toxins. Due to infrared (with wavelength = 10 µm), water molecule begin to vibrate, and break the link between water molecule and toxin.

The use of our product in-built in a cloth has been scientifically tested. These tests revealed an ability to improve the equilibrium and to soothe suffers.

It improves the equilibrium

Restore your natural body equilibrium.
More stability, better sensations in limbs, reduces pain in the nerve endings.

It brings heat

Protect yourself from cold, wind and maintain your body at a constant temperature.
The heat produces by the far infrared stimulates our organism. They enable an optimum energy circulation for our cells equilibrium. Therefore, they naturally contribute to all regenerating processes.

It reduces tiredness and stress

Recover more quickly and efficiently.
We noticed this membrane enables us to recover more quickly and efficiently, in bitter conditions of wind and moisture. Tests have been made on mountain bike sportsmen, soccer player…

It allays pain

Soothe your pains

It reduces inflammations

Reduce your suffers

It gives a well being feeling

Regain a feeling of well being unshakable and sustainable.
An unshakable sense of equilibrium and well being, a de-emphasize feeling. It has been testified by people from the motor industry.

Patented product SOLARE’RES TECHNOLOGY, vest made in France manufactured by CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES, certified Strasbourg Lépine Contest 2008 – Golden medal, “Prix de la Société Française De La Médecine Du Sport”

These technologies make person improvement and will be in the future, without doubt, an alternative way to deal with health problems which will have to be more and more based on prevention.

Indeed, like said in this comment of a famous French surgeon:
The most successful surgical operation is surely the one we could avoid!

You can also insert this membrane in your everyday life

In your clothes: pyjamas, sportswear, working clothes …But also in your working chair, in your car seat, lorry seat, bus seat or in your sofa.

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