1993 - ILS Company is created. When everybody speaks about relocation, ILS embarks on an adventure against the grain.

It is a challenge to manufacture, restore, and subcontract automobile saddlery.

1995 - After two years, ILS employs 15 people and work on mass foaming.

1998 - With 30 people, ILS becomes officially supplier of second rank.

2000 - ILS settles in Uxegney in premises of 6500 m2 which comply with ISO 9000 convention.

During two years, ILS purchase more and more cutting equipment: GERBER and LECTRA VECTOR 5000.

Because of it quality, productivity and autonomy, the company becomes specialty’s subcontractor of rank 2.
In “Bilan du Monde”, ILS is one of the most efficient companies of Lorraine.

2003 - For its 10th birthday, the company shows that efforts and constancy provide results; and that study, development, care and elaborated services preserve French company opportunities.

2004 - The process of car saddler and accessories begins industrial design activities.

Interactivity between creation, pattern and cutting.

24 April 2007 - ILS Company is bought back by Joseph Contino who diversifies the activity such as the sector of medical, furniture, show business world, rail, aeronautics, packaging, factual, property, bedding with specific materials to satisfy our customer. We bring them our experiment on technical invention in matter of textile, but we still serve in the car world.


May 2007 - FAURECIA takes CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES as supplier of spare parts.

10th October 2007 – CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES obtains Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000

For this moment CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES puts in place several workings on continuous improvement like sustainable development by separate the recyclables, using a management strategy based on a commonsense low-cost approach to management “GEMBA KAIZEN”.
In order to reach the QCD « Quality, Cost, Delivery » (Q=Quality of products and services – C=Cost management – D=Logistic management), activities done are standardization the 5S and waste elimination.

Since October 2008, CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES launches and markets a vest with a ceramic membrane. This one is patented and it has been rewarding by the golden medal of the LEPINE contest during the invention show of Strasbourg in 2008 and also by the “Prix de la Société Française De La Médecine Du Sport”. See our link “Well Being”.
Our product success will be associated to other projects that we are developing.

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