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CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES makes possible all products realisation in different sectors like CARS, LORRIES, COMMERCIAL CARS, PLANES, TRAINS, BOATS, MEDICAL and FURNISHINGS. We can also make possible the design, the realisation of bench seat, the cutting, the sewing and the upholstery of all textiles parts, leathers, alcantara, imitation leather, carpets, and mats.

All kind of seat
Centre arm-rests rear
Seats for cinema
Seat-caps in situ and traditional
Noise-reducing canvas
Rustlingproof canvas
Back-rests carpets
Gear lever gaiter
Tarpaulins, stands, marquees
Passive safety parts
Replacement parts

The exceptional flexibility of CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES enables us to answer to this great range of requests.


The productivity and the high quality manufacturing of our company rely on a complete and modern motor pool which allows the total diversification of manufacturing operations.

CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES has the technology for design and manufacturing of special mechanical devices. These devices have been developed according to the customers’ operative needs for all products and materials.

All devices of industrial making of special sewing up are represented and always renewed.

Motor pool of 80 devices

Automaton XY for special sewing up 300x300 frame all settings
Seamers triple drive 1-2 flat needles which cut threads
A 3/5 threads differential feed overlocker high capacity
Razor seamers triple drive which cut threads
Programmable seamers with automatic cut, rubber band and crimping
Programmable Buttonholes machines XY 30x30 frame
Programmable devices which laid lace threads
Montage room

Programs management

CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES equips itself with an autonomous logistic service which manages the product end-to-end. It uses specific means such as: Computer Assisted Production Management, Exchange of specific Computer Data, by taking care of purchases management (materials, components, transport).
Optimisation of times and flows, wide area and volume, permanent use of the Just-in-Time for an entire satisfaction of all our customers.

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