Design & Development

From technical know-how to technological know-how

Interactivity between creation, pattern and cutting.

Owing to its technical background and its skills, CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES have a veritable know-how in study and development.
This enables us to offer our help for new products development.

CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES offer to its customers solutions which are innovative, efficient and competitive.

CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES equips itself with a powerful computer system which fit to state-of-the-art technology.

Design office activity

Design proposition
Data integration
Reworking of plans
Improvement and change of products
Complete review of the pattern

Research and development activity

Research and improvement of processes
Specific materials development


Design Concept 2D
Flat cut plotter


Advice and choice of matters and materials
Cost estimate
Optimisation of use ratings

We can make studies, the development, simulation and tests, initial samples and prototypes.

Entrust us with your future projects from its design to its execution.

In a continual changing activity sector, our experiment is a conclusive asset in working-out of innovate and personal solutions, with a maximum care of reactivity.