A flexible, experimented and responsive unit

Services developed by CONTINO TECHNOLOGIES enable the full creation of products, the pattern, the basic icons digitizing, the gradation, position optimisation and the unmanned cutting.

We offer you the cutting of low-volume, mid-volume and high-volume production on all kind of material.

A team of professionals answers your requests very quickly.

Up-to-date cutting tools

Cutter GERBER 5200
1 Cutter GERBER 7250 Cutting window of 2m wide
1 Cutter LECTRA 5000 AUTO
1 Quilting maker cart GERBER which serves 3 production lines of 13,5m
4 Quilting table: 3 of 13,50m and 1 of 18m
1 Bridge press for leather cutting

Being 3 cutters with a transfer option on 4 lines

Cutting is full flexible. Our cutting tools offer an accurate cut, homogeneous and efficient. The speed increases quality and efficiency.

Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Drawing
Exchange of specific Computer Data
Plotter table
In addition, the "DIAMINO" software enables us to optimise and to harness the material use.


Accuracy of cutting and perfect geometry
Quick time
Till 15% of material saving, owing to the position software
Till 3m of cutting width
Continuously cutting length

Some photos